So it begins.

The next couple of posts are dedicated to the trip I made to Boston last weekend  (September 28-30) for a business convention and a few other events.

The weekend started off cloudy and rainy (the opposite of what I was hoping for) Friday morning . I was still determined to get a box of macarons for someone I was going to be seeing during my visit so I trekked through the pouring rain, rolling my luggage, to get a box. Afterwards, I had about 30 minutes to eat breakfast. I learned the hard way the other day that without breakfast I cannot function properly especially ever since I started eating it consistently every morning so I went to the nearby diner.

No one can do sunny side up eggs quite like a diner.

So it begins. 1

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So it begins. 2

Needless to say, I was soaked by the time I actually got on the bus. I still looked cute, but still. 🙂 Here my NY times is covering the contents of my bag. Turns out newspapers aren’t just good for reading!

So it begins. 3

So it begins. 4

Soggy shoes, newspaper and Steve Jobs (book) but I was smiling and so excited to get to Boston! Rain didn’t get me down even though I ended up running 2 hours late (and I hate being late). Notice in my journal I wrote “Boston, here I come”. Beginning of what was sure to be a great weekend.

So it begins. 5

Here are the macarons I got in the morning to hand deliver to someone I was going to be meeting in Boston! Wrapped in red/white, “Boston”/Harvard colors, just for them. Wrote a message of congratulations for those of you who are wondering. It was really hard torture, looking at these and not being able to eat them….So it begins. 6

Finally got to Boston, then Harvard Square to grab a meal. Where else but Pinnochio’s (Noch’s as the locals call it) for the best square pizza as mentioned in my favorite TV show SUITS? I’m not really a pizza person but I’ve got to say this pizza was really good. BBQ chicken and chicken pesto pictured here.

Afterwards I got changed as fast as I could to meet a friend and head over to a launch party!

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